Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Magnum Force

Last night was the pre-Christmas booze up night out with our contemporary art group. We started off at the spankingly refurbished and recently reopened Scottish National Portrait Gallery for some art (a mournful, haunting video work by Graham Fagen), some tasty bar snacks, and some free Prosecco. These weren't listed in increasing order of importance. No, really.

Following this, we moved on to a town centre pub called "The Magnum". Now, we've been in this city nigh on twenty years, and to be honest we thought there were no more pubs to discover. Well, we haven't actually been to them all ("The Foot of the Walk" looks like possibly the hardest Wetherspoon's pub in Christendom. Think about that for a minute. And "The Marksman" looks like the sort of place that might be frequented by actual marksmen) but we thought we'd pretty much done all the ones we'd like to go to, or that would let us in. But we'd never even heard of this place, and that felt like we'd somehow failed.

Anyway, "The Magnum" is a splendid pub-cum-wine-bar, with lots of wood everywhere, some interesting beers, and a decent wine list. After about an hour, we start thinking it might be our new favourite pub. There's a decent crowd of people there, most of whom haven't really heard about our plans. Most conversations feature the line "You're doing WHAT?" at some point. It has to be said, the reaction of our friends to The Project has been very touching and, well, it's all a bit humbling to be honest. That's really the only way I can describe it.

Inevitably, quite a lot of Prosecco is drunk. People start heading off at around 10.00, and we're kind of left on our own.

We can probably sneak some more Prosecco in, can't we?

Of course we can. 

There's a bit of a scramble for the last bus back to Leith, but we make it. We realise "The Malt and Hops" will still be open. It's very tempting.

We decide against it. We feel very grown-up though.

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