Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Arrivederci Edimburgo

So this is it. Twenty years in Scotland comes to an end today. For that matter, it's the end of six years in Leith, longer than I've lived anywhere. Tomorrow we start on a short farewell tour of some friends and relatives down south, and then, on Sunday, we fly out on a one-way ticket. It's been a strange last few weeks, a steady stream of goodbyes. It's been an emotional rollercoaster to be honest, but, as I've said before, some aspects of The Project were going to be like that.

So before we head off - a very big thank you to all our friends at 'Spin', the Italian Institute, Scottish Opera, the Scottish Arts Club, the Scottish Wine Society, the Edinburgh Bach Choir, and all our drinking buddies from our years here.

To those friends from our previous life at Lloyds - thank you for making things less horrible than they might otherwise have been. You know who you are.

To those we never got the chance to say goodbye to - we're sorry. We simply ran out of time.

To those we've lost touch with over the years - again, we're sorry. We should have made more effort.

To all those people who expressed their support and for all those who offered all sorts of help when they heard what we were up to - a massive thank you. It's been invaluable - without you, we might well have given the whole idea up as insane. It actually might very well be insane, but we're still going to do it, And no, we're not being very brave - we're just doing something we really want to do.

Anyway, this is becoming like Oscar night, so it's time to call a halt. I'm not sure quite when I'll next be able to update the blog - sometime next week, I hope, but we'll have to see.

Things are about to get really interesting!


  1. Our best wishes and hearts go with you! I intend to meet you folks next time I'm in your new home town, and the drinks are on me.


  2. Bon voyage, and here's hoping you have interesting, but not too interesting!


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